Top Warcraft of Warcraft Gold Guides

I have collected a list of top World of Warcraft gold guides. Making the gold you need to play the game can sometimes be a hard thing to do. Are you having a hard time finding good places to get gold or are you continually losing money at auction house? The following guides will make money management in the game very easy, outlining strategies to make lots of gold in the game so you can get things you want such as an epic flying mount. I also have links for top gold sites and class guides. Please note, there are a lot of people out there trying to make money off of selling bad guides so do not get scammed. All of the following listed are good guides. If you want to recommend other guides or comment on the guides listed please contact me at

Top 4 World of Warcraft Gold Guides

Below and to the right are the Top WOW Gold Guides as ranked by reviews on the internet. These are very good guides and I recommend using them. These guides are currently being used by many people right now in world of warcraft. As stated above please feel free to email me with any comments about these guides and how well they worked or did not work for you. If you want to buy from any of these guides, simply click on the links or pictures below to go to the sites.

Top Ranked: Derek's Gold Mastery Guide

This guide shows you how to generate 200 gold an hour. He shows you everything you need to know about gold farming. Derek provides strategies on how to generate gold in several ways from using professions, auction house, questing and much more.

100% Legit! - No Hacks, Bots, or Exploits

110 pages + FILLED to the brim with unique strategies and gold creating tips that will transform the way you play.

This is a very good gold guide and I highly recommend using it.


This guide costs $47.76.


2nd Place: Valkors gold Making Guide

"ALL Gold Secrets Revealed...Learn everything you need to make up to 200 Gold Per Hour and get your EPIC MOUNT in 10 days or less!!!"

This guide contains the same gold making strategies that gold farmers use. Find out which locations and secrets they don't want you to know about.

This 145 page guide contains a lot of good information, from where to farm to what items to buy and sell to get the most gold.

This guide costs $37.00.

Image3rd Ranked: WOW Gold Secrets

This is a great gold guide. This 170 page guide shows you the best places and many strategies for getting WOW gold. All of the strategies and tactics are 100% legal. Like the other guides, they say you can expect to make 200g an hour.

This guide costs $37.00.

Image4th Ranked: Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

This guide is a gold guide and leveling guide. You can make up to 150g an hour after 70 and this guide will show you how to complete every quest fast which will earn you over 4000gold! close to purchasing your epic flying mount!

This guide also features 115mins audio ebook, FUN! to listen to in your computer, ipod or mp3 player.

This guide is very detailed and has a lot of good information.

This guide costs $37.00.