Top World of Warcraft Gold Sellers

I have collected a list of best places to buy World of Warcraft gold. There are a lot of gold sellers who you cannot trust. Here is a list of the top gold sites you can trust. Some of the WOW gold reviews were found on, and All of the below companies are very good, and I would highly recommend them for purchasing gold, powerleveling or other services. Lets face it; we all don't have the time to invest in grinding honor, experience or the gold we may need.

Top 3 World of Warcraft Gold Sites

Below and to the right are the Top WOW Gold selling sites as ranked by reviews on the internet. These WOW gold companies offer good prices on wow gold and services. These companies also have a very good reputation. has the best price of any site and has a lowest price guarantee. has good prices and offers powerleveling, honor leveling and other unique features that most gold sites do not have. Please feel free to email me regarding any comments about these sites and how well they worked or did not work for you. If you want to buy from any of these guides, simply click on the links or pictures below to go to the site.

If you want to checkout a good other WOW gold review sites check out or

1st Place: BankofWOW

If you are looking for the cheapest place to buy WOW gold, then look no further. BankofWOW checks and adjusts its prices every 2 hours and makes sure it is offering the lowest price for gold on the internet. BankofWOW has a lowest price guarantee so you will find good prices. Delivery times are fast. It is hard to believe, but this company really is this good.

BANKofWOW had an 86% positive ranking over a 90 day period when I checked it a few years ago at and was rated "Best of The Best" back then. The service is the same the but the price seems like it is even better. This company is ranked highly on other wow gold review sites suck as and

The only negative thing I can say is BANKofWOW only sells gold and does not offer the powerleveling services or other services some sites offer. If you are interested in powerleveling or in some other service, I suggest you try Guy4Game.

In conclusion, BANKofWOW is a very good place to buy WOW gold. Currently the price for 60k gold is $70.87 with them.

2nd Place: GameUSD


GameUSD is one of the best gold selling companies on the internet. This is the sister site of Bank of WOW, it sports very similar prices to BankofWOW however it also has a few other games it supplies currencey for. I highly recomend GameUSD for both online currencey purchases for both WOW and for other games.



Current price for WOW 60k wow gold with GameUSD is $71.00.

3rd Place: Guy4Game


This is a very well established gold selling company that focuses on a variety of services. Not only that, they have very good rates. ranks this site 2nd for wow gold sites in its wow gold reviews.

I highly recommend using this site for its wide range of services and price.

Guy4Game offers:

Gold sales, powerleveling, profession leveling, honor leveling, arena points, arena gear, badges and many more features. The only thing they do not do is buy gold from players. The current price for 60k gold with them is $81.39.

The next WOW patch with be 7.2 and should be released soon!!