Top Warcraft of Warcraft Game Guides

I have collected and reviewed the top World of Warcraft game guides. Most of these guides are about leveling or generating gold in the game. Below, you will see my top selection for WOW best leveling guide and best WOW gold guide. Above I also have links for top gold sites and class guides. Please note, there are a lot of people out there trying to make money off of selling bad guides, so do not get scammed. Only purchase trusted guides that people are already using. All of the following listed are good guides. If you want to recommend other guides or comment on the guides listed, please contact me at

Top 5 World of Warcraft Guides

Below and to the right are the Top WOW Guides as ranked by reviews on the internet. These are very good guides I recommend using and are currently being used by many people right now in world of warcraft. As stated above, please feel free to email me any comments about these guides on how well they worked or did not work for you. All of these guides have been updated for the 6.0.2 patch. If you want to buy from any of these guides, simply click on the links or pictures below to go to the sites.

Top Ranked: Zygor's World of Warcraft 1-70 Alliance and Horde Leveling Guides

This guide has a lot of good reviews on the internet and has a lot of features such as:

  • - Step by step detailed instructions - Very simple to understand to the point instructions on where to go and what to do.
  • - Interactive In-game Coordinates - done with a mod with step-by-step map mod installation instructions.
  • - Lifetime Free Updates - they know the game is constantly changing, so even as they add expansions or patches, you will not have to purchase new guides.
  • - Leveling Gold Guide - a very small gold guide designed to help you make a little more gold as you level your characters from 1-90.


Zygor's 1-90 World of Warcraft Alliance and Horde Leveling Guides have been fully updated for the 6.0.2 changes. The map add-ons have been fully updated as well.


He sells Alliance or Horde guides separately at $29.99 or both for $49.99.


2nd Place: Brian Kopp's Alliance 1-90 Leveling Guide


Both Zygor and Kopp's guides are extremely good. Kopps guide however is a little more expensive and there is only the option to purchase an Alliance guide from him. Both creators have put a lot of time and effort into these leveling guides which allow for very fast leveling.

You can try his guide for free from level 1-20.

This site boasts that you can level from 1-90 in 10 days.

He has taken pictures of nearly everything that you have to interact with. I did not have to check wowhead hardly at all. He also has step by step instructions organized by zone and level. There is also a mod that will show locations on your map.


The cost for Brian Kopp's 1-90 Alliance Leveling Guide is $35.

Image3rd Ranked: Joana's Horde Leveling Guide

Joana's Leveling Guide is a Horde only leveling guide and is very well done. A big feature of this guide besides the step-by-step instructions is full video library available. There are videos of his character doing 1-60 in 4 days 20 hours which show you how it is done from start to finish. He also has videos for several quests for 60-70 that are available for you. All videos have been redone since 2.3 to take into account the experience change.

This guide costs $37.00.

Image4th Ranked: Derek's Gold Mastery Guide

This guide shows you how to generate 200gold per hour. He shows you everything you need to know about gold farming. Provides maps and strategies on how to generate gold in several ways from using professions, auction house, questing and much more.

This guide costs $47.76.

Image5th Ranked: Valkors gold Making Guide

"ALL Gold Secrets Revealed...Learn everything you need to make up to 200 Gold Per Hour and get your EPIC MOUNT in 10 days or less!!!"

This guide contains the same gold making strategies that gold farmers use. Find out which locations and secrets they don't want you to know about.

This 145 page guide contains a lot of good information.

This guide costs $37.00.